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Welcome to the Fares91.com website.

The website is the property of Pita Partners registered at Flat No 701, Tower 69, Emaar Palm Hills, Sector 77, Gurugram, Haryana 122004.


Use of the Site is governed by the following terms and conditions


Any reference to Fares91 refers to the website www.fares91.com and its mobile application.

Reference to Fares91 shall mean to include the reference to legal entity ‘Pita Partners’ and vice versa.

All prices are shown in Indian Rupees.

All tickets are non-transferable.


First name and last name of each traveller must be entered into the reservation exactly as it appears on your government issued identification, be it your passport, Adhaar card or other acceptable forms of identification as may be required.


Airfares and reservations are not guaranteed until payments are collected. From the time of booking until the ticket is issued, sufficient funds must be available on the credit or debit card. If there are problems processing the card, be it for lack of funds or restrictions, we will not guarantee the price quoted at the time of original booking or subsequent booking(s).


We may split your total charge into two parts, airfare and a non-refundable Fares91.com booking fee. Combined total amount will be the same as quoted and authorized by you at the time of booking. Wherever applicable the booking fee will be included with in the total fare.


Prices do not include airline baggage fees, meals or any other add-on charges.


In addition to the cost of booking as charged by the Service Providers, Fares91.comreserves the right to charge certain fees in the nature of convenience fees or service fees. Fares91.comfurther reserves the right to alter any and all fees from time to time. Any such additional fees, including fee towards any modifications thereof, will be displayed to the User before confirming the booking or collecting the payment from such User.


In cases of short charging of the booking amount, taxes, statutory fee, convenience fee etc., owing to any technical error or other reason, Fares91.comshall reserve the right to deduct, charge or claim the balance amount from the User and the User shall pay such balance amount to Fares91.com. In cases where the short charge is claimed prior to the utilization of the booking, Fares91.com will is at liberty to cancel such bookings if the amount is not paid before the utilization date.


Any increase in the price charged by Fares91.comon account of change in rate of taxes or imposition of new taxes, levies by Government shall have to be borne by the User. Such imposition of taxes, levies may be without prior notice and could also be retrospective but will always be as per applicable law.


In the rare circumstance of a booking not getting confirmed for any reason whatsoever, Fares91.comwill process the refund of the booking amount paid by the User and intimate the User about the same. Fares91.com is not under any obligation to provide an alternate booking in lieu of or to compensate or replace the unconfirmed booking. All subsequent bookings will be treated as new transactions. Any applicable refund will be processed as per the defined policies of the service provider and Fares91.comas the case may be.


Further, by agreeing to the Terms & Conditions, you agree to add 'Voyager Group Travel Insurance' issued by ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company, provided to you free of cost by Fares91 (Pita Partners). The details of the policy are available on Fares91.