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Refund Policy


Fares91 understands that plans change and cancellations happen and we are empathetic towards financial hardships a delayed refund can cause.

To this end, we strive to be efficient & economical towards refunds.

We strive to issue instant real time refunds on booking failure. And issue refunds within 3 working days in case of cancellations.

Customer service and providing customers maximum value is the cornerstone on which we stand. No-wonder we have a 4.9 star rating on Google.


However, we need to put some legal-speak to protect ourselves and our patrons from miscreants. And therefore, there is some legal speak is important and is detailed below.


"For the security of customers, all applicable refunds on cancelled bookings will always be processed to the respective account or the banking instrument (credit card, wallet etc.) from which payment was made for that booking.


Booking(s) made by the User through Fares91.com are subject to the applicable cancellation policy as set out on the booking page or as communicated to the customers from time to time.


Fares91.com provides various modes of making payments on the Website for transacting, like UPI, Credit/Debit Cards of various banks, Net Banking facility of all major banks, Fares91.com and third party Wallets, Gift Cards, EMI and more.


Customers who purchase trip insurance are responsible to contact Fares91.com for any travel insurance changes, cancellations, clarification or claims.


User is responsible for the review of travel restrictions to determine and obtain all required travel documentation ahead of the originating travel date as may be necessary. Neither Fares91.com nor its agents are responsible for providing answers to specific questions related to travel documentation requirements.


All cancellation and exchange requests must be initiated at least four (4) hours before scheduled departure. If allowed by the airline fare rules associated with the ticket(s) issued may be refunded or exchanged for the original purchase price less the applicable airline penalties, plus any fare difference between the original fare paid and the fare associated with the new ticket(s). In addition, Fares91.com will charge a change/refund fees. Fares91.com has no control over airline penalties associated with refunds or exchanges.


Refunds for cancelled tickets are initiated almost immediately, usually within 2-3 working days and almost always within 7 working days.


A ticket loses all value if/when the passenger associated with the ticket during any part of the travel does not show up at the check-in counter or cancel the booking at least 2-4 hours before scheduled departure or as required by specific airline rules.


Customers desiring to make last minute changes (within four hours of scheduled departures) must contact the airline directly for assistance.


International travel often includes multiple airlines, each with an individual set of fare rules. If more than one set of fare rules are associated with the total fare, the most restrictive rules will apply to the entire booking.


Airlines may change flight schedules or cancel the flight due to technical reasons or to meet their operational needs. Weather conditions may also cause such changes or cancellation. In such cases the airline will make every attempt to re-protect the passengers for an alternate date or flight. Airlines may offer credit or refund if they fail to provide an alternative under their applicable rules.


Airlines may change schedules at the last minute or without any prior notice. Passengers are solely responsible to reconfirm their flight status with the airlines 24 to 72 hours prior to departure.


Please note we do not take any responsibility - financial or non financial in case of such schedule change or flight cancellation by airlines beyond passing on the refund received from the airline to the customer.


There can be exceptional circumstances where Fares91.com and / or the Service Providers (airlines, hotels etc) may be unable to honor the confirmed bookings due to various reasons like act of God, labor unrest, insolvency, a pandemic, an epidemic, business exigencies, government decisions, terrorist activity, any operational and technical issues, route and flight cancellations etc. or any other reason beyond the control of Fares91.com. If Fares91.com has advance knowledge of any such situations where dishonor of bookings may happen, it will make its best efforts to provide similar alternative to the User or refund the booking amount after deducting applicable service charges, if supported and refunded by that respective service operators. The User agrees that Fares91.com being merely a facilitator of the services and products booked, cannot be held responsible for any such Force Majeure circumstance. The User has to contact the Service Provider directly for any further resolutions and refunds.


The User agrees that in the event of non-confirmation of booking due to any technical reasons (like network downtime, disconnection with third party platforms such as payment gateways, banks etc.) or any other similar failures, Fares91.com’s obligation shall be limited refunding the booking amount, if any, received from the customer. Our systems are built to issue real-time refunds in such cases but refunds may get delayed in rare circumstances. Such refunds shall completely discharge Fares91.com from all liabilities with respect to that transaction. Additional liabilities, if any, shall be borne by the User.


If you have any additional queries or concerns please email us on customercare@fares91.com or whatsapp on +91 8130053273."