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Fares91, brought to you by Pita Partners.

Always questioning and under the dilemma of when to book their next travel, 30 – 60 days before travel when the fares are the lowest (but cancellation penalty is high) or wait until closer to the travel date when the plans are confirmed but the flight fares are higher.

A discussion over coffee led to the thought, ‘what if there is an option to make the best of both worlds’? Best/Lowest fares with the option to cancel until the last minute with least possible/zero charges.

And that is the genesis of Fares91.com.

Our goal is to simplify travel for our patrons, allowing them to book without the concern that they would either lose the deal or pay high cancellation charges.

Plan and book as early as you want without a worry! You would lose neither the deal nor the money….should life happen, we have you covered (through insurance) and not just for domestic flights but for international flights as well.

Mission of the entire Fares91 team is to make travel affordable for India.

We believe that soaking all that this world has to offer and collecting experiences is a higher purpose of life.

We designed the Fares91 website with following guiding principles:

a. We will be transparent with our customers.

b. We will make booking air tickets hassle free.

c. We will embrace simplicity - three click checkout (no unnecessary prompts to sell useless stuff to you; simplicity like booking an Ola/Uber).

We hope that you will enjoy the experience and the simplicity Fares91 offers you.

We will look forward to your feedback, ideas, suggestions to make it better every day!


Happy Travels,


Simplifying Travel